Insulated QShades Cabin 10x8'

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Our luxurious QShades Cabin is available in multiple sizes from 8x6' to 12x10' and is fitted with French-style doors for that additional touch of 'Je ne sais quoi'.

The prestige quality Loglap, tongue and groove, cladding is finished in QShades Pebble Grey and comes with a 15-year rot-free guarantee.

Other specifications:
Firestone rubber roof system with 20 year warranty
Tongue and groove floor
3 lever lock and key
Free or lowcost delivery options for Chesterfield and surrounding areas.
Includes onsite installation.

Want more natural light?
If you're looking for something similar with more natural light, take a look at our Hardwick Summerhouse range and simply select QShades as an additional upgrade.

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